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When the Ravens Die

According to British legend, as long as there are ravens living in the Tower of London, the monarchy will survive. In Cameron Kent’s riveting suspense thriller When the Ravens Die, this legend is about to be challenged. Who’s buried in a mysterious unmarked grave in London’s St. Bartholomew’s Church? And why is the Crown Prince of England so intent on preventing an American professor and a BBC correspondent from uncovering the truth?

While prowling through the foggy cemeteries of London in search of his ancestry, Dr. Malcolm Bride stumbles upon the darkest of secrets about Britain’s Royal Family. At a time when the Crown Prince is making a bold ploy to seize political power, the American’s discovery instantly threatens the British monarchy, and puts Bride’s life in mortal danger. Seemingly strayed from the quest for his roots, Bride’s relentless pursuit of the truth takes him inside the hallowed walls of Windsor castle, into the clutches of the IRA, across the misted moors of the English countryside, and through the dark labyrinth of London’s underground.

Bride also finds his way into the lonely heart of a Princess, leaving them both torn between loyalty and love. Steam-rolling to a head-on collision with the future King of England, Bride unravels a mystery of epic proportions-one that could change the course of world history, and alter his life forever.


"Completely entertaining book! There's something for everybody in this one - good guys, bad guys, chases, treachery, secrets, revelations, goosebumps, insane schemes, you name it, it's there, and it's executed with style by author Cameron Kent."


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