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Make Me Disappear

At his 10th birthday party, Sam Sullivan meets Blackwell LaVeque, one of the greatest magicians who ever lived. As they develop a friendship through the teaching of magic tricks, Blackwell introduces Sam to the mysterious land of Wundriana, the place where things go when they disappear, and to Kristina, a magician’s assistant who is desperately trying to get back to the real world.

At the same time, Sam’s father is worried sick about his son, having no idea where he is. His father realizes he’s been spending way too much time at his job and with Cynthia, who is about to become Sam’s stepmother.  It’s taken this crisis to make him realize how much he loves and misses his son.

Sam and Kristina suddenly find themselves in great danger when they cross paths with the dark figure of Sinjin, who rules the mysterious universe and is the long-time enemy of Blackwell. Sinjin is determined to escape from Wundriana and seek revenge, and it’s up to Sam to unlock the secrets of his ancient leather book of magic if he wants to stop him.


"Mr. Kent entices kids with uses of magic and captivates them with relations to things some children go through in life. Make Me Disappear is a must-have and must-read book."

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