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Welcome to Virginia

A holiday musical by Cameron Kent

Are you a small theatre looking  for a funny and touching Christmas show that's easy to produce and is appropriate for all audiences?  Welcome to Virginia is exactly what you need!

Snowbound at an interstate rest area in Virginia on Christmas Eve, Frank Loudman, a brash billionaire businessman, is trying to run away from Christmas to avoid a painful past. He finds himself stuck with a janitor, his homespun secretary, a homeless country musician, and a young widow who's extremely pregnant. Through a heartfelt and hysterical series of revelations from this motley crew of fellow cold-weather captives, Frank's frozen heart may have hope to rediscover the magic of Christmas.


It's available now through Eldridge Publishing. Click on the link below for video and music clips, plus licensing information. And Merry Christmas!


A Note from the Author

I love going to Christmas shows over the holidays because it always puts me in the Christmas spirit, but after a few years, I couldn’t find anything new and different, so I decided to create my own. I took what was in my heart about what I feel is the true meaning of the season and put it to words and music in a way that I felt was both entertaining and meaningful.

There’s a moment in the play where the cast talks about “anything can happen on a night like this.” That’s the heart and soul of the play… that people can change, grow, and heal old wounds on a magical night like Christmas Eve.

I wanted to write a play for small theatre companies that was easy to produce, but also funny, poignant, and contained memorable music. Above all, I wanted the play to carry a heartwarming message that makes people feel uplifted as they leave the theatre. I’m very proud that this play can be performed in front of any audience and any age group.


Welcome to Virginia is one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve ever directed!”

"After retiring from a professional career in front of the cameras, I taught theatre arts and choral music in the North Carolina public schools for 23 years, directing musicals and plays along the way for community theatre, schools and churches. In this rural area, without benefit of large and fancy venues (little room for storage, dressing rooms, curtains, and fly space), I was constantly searching for the perfect play or musical for a small cast that wasn’t cost prohibitive. The play ideally would have one set, no scene changes, no costume changes, and easy to produce with limited resources. On a deeper level, I was looking for authenticity, simple orchestration if it was a musical, a script with characters that were challenging—-not cheesy, yet at the same time, attainable by experienced amateurs and beginners alike. If it was a comedy, even better!

I am beyond thrilled to say I discovered GOLD in the hills of NC in the form of Cameron Kent’s musical play, Welcome to Virginia. All my boxes are checked with this show. It is well written and powerfully crafted with the right mix of memorable songs for the entire ensemble of characters. We chose to use piano and guitar live for most songs, but even a less experienced cast could perform this with soundtrack only.

I had such confidence in the message of this play, its warm-hearted approach to Christmas, and its family friendly appeal (yes, it was downright hilarious at times) that I agreed to direct it at The Andy Griffith Playhouse in Mt Airy, NC in December of 2018. It far exceeded my expectations and was one of the most cathartic and enjoyable experiences of our Mayberry Christmas season. Welcome to Virginia is one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve ever directed! The folks of this community where Andy Griffith grew up were appreciative of Cameron’s characters who made them laugh a lot and perhaps shed a tear at the poignant moments. It is the perfect escape audiences need from the frantic rush and stress of the holiday season. I predict that Welcome to Virginia will become the new A Christmas Carol, performed regularly for the Christmas season."

Debby Severs Diamont, AFTRA, SAG, NCMEA, ACDA

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